Beautiful Purple Trees

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Two weeks ago, my husband and I were privileged to be able to attend the Every Nation World Conference in Capetown, South Africa. I didn’t realize how beautiful this city was until we got on the tour bus and spent a day driving along the coast of Capetown. I could say that it was one of the breathtaking drives we’ve done! From Capetown, we flew to Johannesburg, where Paolo was scheduled to preach at one of our Every Nation churches there. Our hosts were kind enough to take us to the game reserve to get the real African Safari experience. And what an experience indeed it was! As we drove to the reserve, there was something that caught my eye. Many streets were lined with these huge trees with purple blossoms. I have never seen these trees before and they were quite a pretty sight! I as asked our hosts […]

Best Birthday Message

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  This birthday was quite different for me. I was on a plane somewhere over the Indian Ocean going home from South Africa when 12 midnight struck. I had a birthday breakfast in Singapore during our layover with my husband and two of our very good friends, Ariel and Shirley. Then we got home and waited for the kids to be dismissed from their respective schools and had a nice dinner at the newly-opened Denny’s in BGC. What I want to share with you are two of the best yet birthday messages I’ve received. They are of course from my children. I share this with all the moms because I believe that everyone of  you too deserves these words. This one is from my eldest, Nathan: “They say the older you get, the more you appreciate your parents. Well I’m 21 this year, and with each passing year I’ve discovered more […]

My Baby Is Growing Up

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  I felt a little tug at my heart as my husband and I dropped off our youngest son, Joaquin, at his MAPE (music, arts, P.E.) class this morning. He told us that he didn’t need to be walked to class. That he could do it all on his own. He turned 8 yesterday and today he looked so grown up walking alone with his backpack and water cooler in tow. Two weeks ago, when we went to New Zealand for a ministry trip,  we were able to bring Joaquin with us. Our pastors from Every Nation Auckland hosted us in their house. Their sons invited Joaquin to sleep with them in their bedroom. I confidently expected Joaquin to say no because I was sure he would want to be with me. He’s the bunso, you know, my baby 😉  But to my surprise, he said yes to their invitation. And […]

Why I Worry

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When I was single,  I used to be a happy-go-lucky person. There were very few things that stressed me out. And then I got married, and had children, and that’s when I developed a new habit… the habit of worrying. From my first pregnancy to the last, it was the same. I had fearful thoughts that something wrong might happen to my baby. I would often wake up at night to check if my baby was still breathing. (Did you ever do this too?) I would keep reading from different resources and would end up more paranoid. Now that my kids are older, nothing has changed. When they get sick, when they’re out late, when they take a cab, when they attend a party… all the worst possibilities race through my mind and I wouldn’t be able to relax until I’m assured that they are safe and ok.  I know I don’t have […]

Is Pokemon Go Demonic?

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Just to make it clear, my last blog was not an endorsement of a particular game, as much as it was an endorsement of a parenting principle. I think I made it clear that my objective in playing the game was not for the game itself but for my relationship with my kids. Several parents have asked if it is ok for their kids to play Pokemon Go. While I don’t have a direct answer to that, here are some guiding principles I would like to share: 1. Know what games your children are playing and do your research. I have seen varied reactions to Pokemon Go, from it being fun and harmless to being evil and demonic. To be honest, I have played Pokemon Go several times and haven’t seen anything that might cause me to ban the game from our home. At least not yet. But when I […]

Why I Play Pokemon Go

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  I’ve heard about the Pokemon craze a few weeks ago when it was launched in the US. My kids, on several occasions, have talked to me about this game that got everyone outdoors, and some have injured themselves or trespassed private properties.  Frankly, I didn’t really give it much thought. I have very little time to spare for games, and if I did, it wouldn’t be on a game that’s all about capturing virtual creatures. But last Saturday, Pokemon Go was released in the Philippines. And suddenly, I found myself walking the streets of BGC looking for PokeStops and capturing Pidgey and Caterpie and other creatures at every corner. Why am I out on a Sunday night throwing Poke balls when I can be home resting or doing something more productive? As I mentioned in my previous blog entitled “The Rebellious Teen,” we need to step into our children’s world.  It it means […]

Talking to Your Kids About Sex

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  Sex is usually one of the most evaded topics in every home. A lot of parents, if not most,  find it awkward to start the conversation and even the kids don’t have the guts to bring up questions on it. The problem is every child will get curious about it at one point or another and will try to find the answers however and in whatever way they can. So it’s very important that we beat them to it before they start exploring somewhere else. It is our responsiblity as parents to make sure they get not just the right information but more importantly, the biblical framework on it. I want to share with you this video of our interview by Rica Peralejo Bonifacio of my husband and I talking about the things that we did with our own kids to educate them on the topic of sex:       […]

The Rebellious Teen

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    As I write this, Nathan is 20 years old, Janina is 17, Ryan is 13 and Joaquin is 7. I guess you could say that I have substantial experience in the teenage department. To be honest, I really expected to have a lot of rough patches in raising our teenagers.  That is because of the many horror stories I’ve heard and read. And frankly, because of my own experience as well. However, now that my eldest is 20 and my 2nd child is 17, one thing I’ve realized is this: rebellion doesn’t have to be the story of your teen. No matter what other parents have told you, no matter how the world has labeled teens, no matter what you have seen in the movies, it is possible to have teenagers who are loving, obedient, respectful and responsible. I know this because in spite of all the fights and arguments I’ve […]

Parenting Template

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  I’m sure you’ve heard at least one parent say “I raised all my children up in the same way, how come this particular child turned out differently?” I must confess, I’ve said that statement awhile back when one of my children started acting up because of issues of insecurity. Then I realized that it was probably because I raised them up in the same way that resulted in those issues.  Because my “steps 1-2-3” worked so well with my first born, I assumed that it will work just as well with  my other kids. Years of parenting experience have taught me that there is no formula to good parenting. There are timeless biblical principles that we constantly live by, but those principles have to be applied differently according to the needs and personality of every child. God has created every child uniquely. They have different emotional needs and process situations […]