As every parent would agree, trying to teach a 3 year old to get organized can be a real challenge. One afternoon, I tell Ryan to put away his video cd’s or else, she’ll give them all away to someone else. To this, with his charming smile, Ryan replies, “Ok mom…just buy me some more.” Ryan talaga…

It’s Just Me

Ryan, our 3 year old, loves wearing costumes. One day he is Superman, then the next day a Power Ranger, another day, Spiderman. One afternoon, he was wearing his Batman costume. Paolo and I played along and exaggerated our reactions.

“Whoa!!! Batman is here! I don’t believe it!  ! Batman, can I get your autograph?”

After a moment, he pulls off his mask with a smile, and says “ACTUALLY, it’s just me…Ryan…”

Oo nga naman…


I’ve always wanted to become a mom. As a young girl, I never dreamt of being a successful doctor or business woman. I’ve always dreamt of marrying the man of my dreams, having kids with him and taking care of my family. I am not one of those women who dreaded having kids. I’ve always looked forward to changing diapers, feeding times, giving my babies a bath, and going with them to the park. Well, it’s been said that dreams do come true. Mine have. I thank God for the family that he has given me!

This blog is a venue for me to share my joys as a mom, my ups and downs, and everything I have learned and am learning along the way.