I am looking forward to tonight. Nathan and Janina are having their school “evolution of dance” presentation. Nathan’s class is dancing to Michael Jackson’s Black or White, and Janina’s class is dancing to Buttercup and Footloose. It was fun putting their costumes together. Made me reminisce over the 80’s era. Over the weeks, we’ve seen bits and pieces of their dances as they rehearsed at home after dinner.

This morning, Janina asked me “Mom, will you still be excited when you see me dance tonight?” I guess Janina doesn’t completely understand yet how moms are always excited to see their kids perform. In fact, we are always excited to see them accomplish every single feat, whether big or small, from taking their first spoon of cereal to receiving their first award in school. So my answer to Janina’s question? “I can’t wait to see you tonight!”

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