• anecdotes

    Not me but my mouth

    Another one for the books… our three year old threw up one evening because he kept on jumping up and down while he was eating his dinner. I ask him a question, “Ryan, what happened?” To this Ryan answers, “I made ‘suka’, BUT I DIDN’T DO IT! IT WAS MY MOUTH.” It’s but natural for a kid, in fact for most of us, to shift the blame. We saw it in the Eden, we’ve seen it in our own lives and now we see it in our kids’ lives. One of the important lessons our kids need to learn early in life (and so should we) is to take responsibility.…

  • anecdotes

    I’m making God sad

    I had to discipline Ryan because he disobeyed an instruction. In an attempt to explain to a 2 year old that obeying is about pleasing God, I said “If we obey, God is happy. But if we disobey, God is sad.” To this Ryan replied, “You’re making God sad because you are making me cry.”

  • My kids' journey


    Our eldest, Nathan, graduated from gradeschool last Monday. I was a bit emotional from the first moment I saw him in his toga, to listening to his speech. (Yes, I’m OA!) It was just like yesterday when I sent him off on his first day in preschool. I am so proud of my son. He was homeschooled from Grade 3 to Grade 6, then we decided to put him in a regular school for Grade 7 to help him transition to highschool. By the way, he is going to Ateneo de Manila for highschool. Despite his rough start in school last June, Nathan came out top of his class, which…