Not me but my mouth

Another one for the books… our three year old threw up one evening because he kept on jumping up and down while he was eating his dinner.

I ask him a question, “Ryan, what happened?”

To this Ryan answers, “I made ‘suka’, BUT I DIDN’T DO IT!

It’s but natural for a kid, in fact for most of us, to shift the blame. We saw it in the Eden, we’ve seen it in our own lives and now we see it in our kids’ lives.

One of the important lessons our kids need to learn early in life (and so should we) is to take responsibility. We may become successful in passing on the blame to something or someone else, but have we really learned our lesson? Soon enough, it boomerangs back and hits us without us even realizing it.

So I told them, ‘Whoever has gold jewelry, take it off.’ When they brought it to me, I simply threw it into the fire—and out came this calf!” (Exodus 32:24)

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