Today is Janina’s Playshop recital. They are doing an adaptation of Hairspray. So I am allotting at least an hour to do her 60’s hair and make-up (fingers crossed) I’m happy we’re not in the 60’s anymore. All that hair teasing and hairsprays… though i got some taste of it in the 80’s. hehe… I told my daughter that I will show her some of my pictures from that era. She sounded surprised “You have pictures from the 80’s?” Maybe the 80’s sounds so jurassic already to a 10yr old. LOL!

A Mother’s Day Request

I was thankful for the gifts and cards I got from my husband and kids for Mother’s Day but I just had to make one simple request… a decent studio family portrait. We haven’t had one since Janina was a baby. After some hesitation from the kids, they don’t really like photo shoots, they all agreed to make me happy and give in.