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    Classes were suspended again today due to typhoon signal no. 1 and heavy rains. The kids and I decided to watch the video of High School Musical 3 for the first time. Or so I thought. Halfway through the movie, Ryan came to me, teary-eyed and remorseful and said “Mom, this is not the first time I’m watching this.” I asked him to explain. He said that he watched it before in Samuel’s house without asking for our permission. He is clear on the rule that they can’t watch a movie without dad’s or mom’s permission. At this point, he was all broken up and talking in between sobs. I…

  • anecdotes

    Chicken Mommy

    We were having a meal together as a family. Janina was eating “Lucky Me” chicken mami noodles. I ask Ryan a question, “Do you want chicken mami?” With a confused face, Ryan replies, “No, I don’t like. I want YOU, mom…not a chicken mommy.”

  • school


    There was quite a handful of parents waiting for their kid’s dismissal. Some were on the bench, others were talking in groups, and I was standing by myself, waiting and wondering how Nathan’s first day in highschool went. I thought i would have it easy by now, after all the years of “first day in school.” But I guess a mom’s heart never changes. I was always the one who’s had to deal with separation anxiety.  And I don’t think I will ever outgrow it.