Standing up for what is right

After school, Nathan told me that his art teacher wanted to borrow their group’s artwork for her niece. She explained that the typhoon Ondoy had flooded her friend’s house and destroyed her niece’s project that needed to be submitted soon. Nathan’s groupmates all agreed to give their artwork to this poor girl, because it did seem to be a reasonable thing to do.  But something inside Nathan didn’t feel right. I asked him what he wanted to do. He said he wanted to confront his teacher and tell her he doesn’t feel it’s right. I gave him my approval to do so, while making sure he knew how to do it in a respectful manner.

I was anxious to know the following afternoon how their talk went. Nathan said that his teacher listened but only responded with a smile. So he didn’t really know whether she understood his sentiments. But a few days after, this teacher came up to Nathan to say that she was volunteering him to be part of the freshcom, which was a “by invitation” thing only. Though she never brought up the “art” thing again, this act of hers showed that she had confidence in Nathan’s character.

Our goal as parents is really to raise godly children who are God-pleasers not man-pleasers. Children who will have the boldness to stand up for their convictions and even challenge those who put these convictions to the test.

Oh, and Nathan got an A in her class.

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  1. I met ur son a few times in Kids’ church, galleria when I volunteered as a pre-school teacher. I didn’t know then that he’s the son of yours & Ptr Paolo’s. I got so amazed when it was his turn to pray. He prayed spontaneously and with so much conviction. He made a mark in me, an inspiration to make my kids love God even at their young age. You should share more, how u built up your kids like that.:-) or maybe, you should write a book! if u already did though(and I’m outdate), let me know so I can buy a copy. thanks!

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