“But it’s shorter”

A conversation between Janina, our 10 year old  and Ryan, my 6 year old that made us burst out laughing went like this…

RYAN: I don’t like Robert (not his real name).  He’s weird.

Dad: Ryan, be nice.  Don’t say that.

JANINA: Ryan, you can say it this way – “He’s different and unique.  I don’t get along with him because you dislike the way he acts.”

RYAN: Huh?  But “I don’t like Robert” is shorter!

(picture taken at Singapore Zoo)


Janina’s Musical Theater class performed during their Christmas program. Of course, as a mom, I would say that she did very well and really performed like a star. Their class has been practicing for weeks and Janina was very excited because she was given several solo parts. But a week before their performance, she came home to tell me that her teacher took away her solos without any explanation and has given them to the other students. I felt how devastated she was because it did seem unfair for her teacher to do that.

How did I react? Well, as parents, we should always look at situations like this as a teachable moment. I told her that maybe her teacher wanted to give the others a chance (though inside I was really upset the teacher did this.) And I went on to explain that she didn’t need a solo part to shine on stage. “Just sing and dance with everything you’ve got!”

I am so proud of Janina! I am amazed at how quickly she was able to get up and move past her disappointment and sing unaffectedly by the change of events. She did shine!