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    Last week, Ryan came home from his classmate’s house limping. He showed me the sole of his left foot, and I found that a big part of his skin was scraped off. He said he ran over gravel barefoot. I immediately cleaned it, put antibiotic and bandaged it. A few days after that, when we were in Tagaytay, Joaquin was happily playing on the bed, lunged forward and hit his head on the wall. After a 10-minute cold compress, his forehead looked like this. These are just 2 of the many incidents when I’ve had to deal with a bump or a wound. There were a few times in the…

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    5F’s of Marriage

    Paolo and I came from the wedding of Gabe Gabriel and Diane Sipin, where we stood as principal sponsors. Yes, we were one of the ninongs and ninongs, and this wasn’t our first. The wedding was very touching and very sincere. Pastor Carlos, the officiating minister, shared to us the 5 F’s of a strong marriage. They were: FOUNDATIONS FAITHFULNESS FORGIVENESS FRUITFULNESS FUN It’s always good to be reminded of these things again and again. A great marriage doesn’t just happen. You make it happen, with God’s help. Here are some of our “pre-nup” pictures. Feeling newly-weds. Hehe… (thanks to our friend Jaja Suarez)

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    Our Playgroup

    Whenever I get a text from a mom-friend like “Let’s hang out!” or “I miss you!”, I know it’s time for a playgroup. As fun as it is for our kids to play with each other, or more like play alongside each other, since they are too young to interact with each other, it is more fun for us moms. A playgroup is an excuse for us to get out of the daily grind of feeding, changing diapers, watching Hi-5 or reading Goodnight Moon. A playgroup is an excuse to speak in real sentences again and converse with adults beyond abc’s and 123’s. We love our babies so much and…

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    Advice for First-time Parents

    We threw a baby shower for Iris and Dan who are expecting their first child, Helena. After dinner, a game, and the gift-opening, everyone gave them pieces of advice to help them through this exciting season of their lives. These are some of the best advice I’ve heard: From the fathers to Dan: “Don’t be just a servant, be a slave.” ;p “Be a hands-on dad.” “Appreciate your wife. Give Iris allowance to pamper herself (spa, parlor, the works!) Hats off to you dads who are sensitive to your wife’s needs! From the mothers to Iris: “Trust yourself to know what to do. You don’t need to follow everything other…

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    Laughters is a good midesen

    This night is getting a bit too stressful. Nathan just had surgery to remove 2 of his 4 impacted molars and is in need of a lot of tender loving care. Janina has guests over from school. Joaquin is constantly demanding for my attention. (Ryan, thankfully, fell asleep early.) And I need to prepare for my talk tomorrow at Mommy Academy. While I was looking for funny illustrations for my topic, I came across this article that really, really made me LAUGH OUT LOUD! PINOY SIGNS: Posted outside a house in Jaro, Iloilo : HOURSE FOR RENT, FULLY FURNACED (Boy, it must really be hot in there.) On a glass window…

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    What does your bedroom say about you?

    I scheduled today as “Nathan’s bedroom clean-up” day. I had to pull him out of bed and away from his book and demanded he helps me clean his room, since in fact, IT IS HIS BEDROOM. So from one corner to another, we dump all his stuff on the floor and start sorting them out. There’s a bookshelves-pile, a move-to-the-library pile, a give-away pile, a throw-away pile and so on. Gradually the piles on the floor get bigger and bigger then we had to put them away in their respective places. We actually had a lot of fun together rummaging through his stuff and being reminded of the things he’s…

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    “I didn’t get to say goodbye to Dad.”

    This was Ryan’s first statement to me yesterday as I woke up. Paolo and Nathan left for Boracay very early so goodbyes to the other kids were said the night before. Unfortunately, Ryan was so tired he crashed in bed a little too early and missed it. So when he came to my bedroom the next morning, that’s the first thing he told me, in between tears “I didn’t get to say goodbye to Dad.” I became teary as well because I felt his sadness. Saying goodbye is an important ritual in our family, much like saying goodnight every night before bedtime. I treasure the times whenever Paolo and I…

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    March 5, 2010 Ryan graduates from preschool. This was his first year to be in school. We opted to homeschool him for nursery and K-1. I have this sort of “pride thing” wanting to be the one to teach all my children to read and count. So far, I have been successful with the first 3. (I hope to do the same with Joaquin.) We enrolled him for K2 to help him get adjusted to the classroom setting for grade 1. His teachers are very proud of him! He has excelled in all subjects, even in Filipino. I am always amused to hear him talk in Filipino with our helpers…

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    Inexpensive Fun

    I like it that my kids can have fun without us having to spend a lot. My kids love to hang out by the Marikina River which is just 5 minutes away from our house. They would just explore by the bank and try to catch some fish with their plastic cups. Or they would bike around or fly kites or sit on the steps while eating balut and chicharon. We don’t want to raise children who are dependent on technology for fun. We want them to experience outdoor fun… soaking in the rain, or playing with the hose, shooting garbage cans with slingshots, digging for worms, going up trees.…