Inexpensive Fun

I like it that my kids can have fun without us having to spend a lot. My kids love to hang out by the Marikina River which is just 5 minutes away from our house. They would just explore by the bank and try to catch some fish with their plastic cups. Or they would bike around or fly kites or sit on the steps while eating balut and chicharon.

We don’t want to raise children who are dependent on technology for fun. We want them to experience outdoor fun… soaking in the rain, or playing with the hose, shooting garbage cans with slingshots, digging for worms, going up trees. I’m thankful my husband is an outdoor person. And I’ve read somewhere that kids who play outdoors have stronger immune systems than kids who are cooped up inside the house.

This is partly the reason why we don’t have cable TV. Lest our kids be stuck watching the whole day. I remember during the typhoon Milenyo when power was out for several hours, I heard a lot of kids complained of boredom. Ours were having fun playing cards and board games.

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