March 5, 2010

Ryan graduates from preschool. This was his first year to be in school. We opted to homeschool him for nursery and K-1. I have this sort of “pride thing” wanting to be the one to teach all my children to read and count. So far, I have been successful with the first 3. (I hope to do the same with Joaquin.) We enrolled him for K2 to help him get adjusted to the classroom setting for grade 1.

His teachers are very proud of him! He has excelled in all subjects, even in Filipino. I am always amused to hear him talk in Filipino with our helpers at home. I remember the time he went biking with his dad in Marikina Riverbanks. When he went home, he told me “nasagasaan ng bisikleta ang mga palaka.” Lol! His favorite subjects in school were Art and Spelling.  His spelling teacher one time told us that he was brave enough to volunteer to spell a new word in class. The word was “frangible.” I haven’t even heard that word before. But Ryan was able to spell it correctly.

Their graduation theme was the 80’s. Ryan chose the costume of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal. Our family has been into MJ lately, watching “This is It” almost every night.

I feel so blessed that we have Victory Christian School, who partners with us to train our children.

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