What does your bedroom say about you?

I scheduled today as “Nathan’s bedroom clean-up” day. I had to pull him out of bed and away from his book and demanded he helps me clean his room, since in fact, IT IS HIS BEDROOM. So from one corner to another, we dump all his stuff on the floor and start sorting them out. There’s a bookshelves-pile, a move-to-the-library pile, a give-away pile, a throw-away pile and so on. Gradually the piles on the floor get bigger and bigger then we had to put them away in their respective places. We actually had a lot of fun together rummaging through his stuff and being reminded of the things he’s been holding on to, things he valued. So these are some of the things I found in his room that says a lot about who Nathan is:

He loves to read books: from science books, to inspirational/religious books, to fiction…

He still loves toys and is not ashamed of it!

He’s environmentally-conscious. He’s keeping all our dead batteries, until he finds a right way to dispose of them. He says these batteries can leak stuff that are hazardous to mother earth.

He’s an excellent student. These medals are from his gradeschool years… academic honors, leadership excellence, best in speech, most hardworking, etc, etc. He has honor certificates from his first year in Ateneo highschool too.

He’s sentimental (for lack of a better word) This is his rock collection. Rocks gathered from different places he’s been to. The newest addition is a rock from Boracay taken 2 days ago, where he spent 3 days bonding with his dad.

Next stop.. Ryan’s room.

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