Last week, Ryan came home from his classmate’s house limping. He showed me the sole of his left foot, and I found that a big part of his skin was scraped off. He said he ran over gravel barefoot. I immediately cleaned it, put antibiotic and bandaged it.

A few days after that, when we were in Tagaytay, Joaquin was happily playing on the bed, lunged forward and hit his head on the wall. After a 10-minute cold compress, his forehead looked like this.
These are just 2 of the many incidents when I’ve had to deal with a bump or a wound. There were a few times in the past when we’ve had to bring a son to the emergency room for stitching. Everytime I hear a loud thud in the house, I’m immediately on my feet waiting for a loud cry. I have 3 boys in the house and they are very adventurous. They would climb and jump on anything they can. They have a high energy level for physical activity. They are boys.

I’ve had to understand over the years that adventure is part of their nature as boys. I remember one afternoon when I found Ryan hanging on a tree branch. I shouted “Ryan, please come down” while my husband shouted “Way to go son!” And I saw the pride on Ryan’s face as he conquered that tree branch by himself.

The biggest mistake I can make is to pamper our sons and baby them and keep them from climbing and running and jumping. I usually find myself saying “don’t go up there, don’t touch that, don’t run, be careful, you might get hurt.” Though boundaries are good for our boys, too much of it can hinder them from becoming men. It doesn’t mean we let them do everything they want to when we know it will surely hurt them. But we need wisdom too to know when we just have to leave them be and let them be boys.

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  1. Thanks for blogging about this Jen. Now i don’t feel that my son is so different than other boys when it comes to being extra adventurous and on the go all the time=D

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