I am starting a new category to share great ideas for moms, things that i’ve tried and worked, things i’ve learned through my own experience, or through other mom friends or things i’ve read on the internet… anything that can make our lives easier, more fun, more organized, more practical…

The first one is an idea I got from one of my best mom buddies, Jeje Quizon.

I have this big pile of flashcards I’ve collected over the years, from way back when Nathan was a baby (and he’s 14 now.) I’ve added new sets along the way as I had more kids. I have ABC’s, 123’s, everyday words, addition, multiplication, opposites, animals, phonics, telling time, flags, etc. Most sets are incomplete though. Most cards have folds and creases and even food stains on them due to the daily wear and tear. I have tried to store them properly by putting each set on ziplock bags but i guess this didn’t work so well. When we went to Jeje’s house yesterday to have our pre-easter egghunt, I saw her sets of flashcards. This particular one was her eldest Julia’s, who is now 11. But the set was complete and clean. Here’s how she did it:

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She had the cards laminated (National Bookstore or Copylandia offers this service) and she held them together with a ring. You can also opt to buy the laminating films from the bookstore and iron them by yourselves at home.  Isn’t this such a smart idea? I wish I’ve known this earlier. It could have saved me money from buying new flashcards everytime I had a new child. Thanks Jeje for allowing me to share this ingenious idea!

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