After hearing Pastor Joey preach on the Parable of the Mustard Seed this morning in church, I was reminded about one very important parenting principle: every little or big thing we do and say to our kids is a seed. It is bound to bear fruit in their lives.
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Sometimes we feel that our discipline is not taking effect, or our regular dates with them do not make a difference, but we have, in fact, planted a seed in their lives. Sometimes, in our anger and disappointment, we shout at them and say statements like “You’re never gonna change” or “You are so irresponsible”, thinking that they would forget those instances, but we have in fact, planted a seed in their lives. Sometimes we regret spending so much time watching kiddie videos with them (like I am watching Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 now and blogging at the same time) or regret taking a leave from work to watch their game, and think that we could be spending our time in more productive things, but we have in fact, planted a seed in their lives.

All seeds grow, and it’s only a matter of time that we will see the fruit of what we’ve planted in their lives. My prayer is that we will all plant the right seeds…

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  1. so true =) a lot of my memories of childhood were the little things that mattered a lot to me…Coney Island cotton candy trips with my parents, picnics at the park…and yes, those seemingly “fleeting” words of encouragement and pride from my mom and dad and seedlings =)

  2. Hi, Jen! This is sooo true. Sabi nga nila, as parents we have to show our kids the value system that is important to us. Kasi madadala nila yun paglaki nila.

  3. Good one.

    I think negative statements we sometimes make in anger or carelessness can sometimes be powerful seeds, unfortunately. But these can be overcome by the even more powerful act of the parent’s humility in asking for the child’s forgiveness.

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