After the results were announced, I saw Janina hugging the winner. I wasn’t sure how Janina would react if her name wasn’t called because she wanted to win Playshop Idol 2010. She auditioned and became part of the final 3. She was so nervous and when she asked me for my last word of advice before the show started, I told her “Just be yourself and no matter what happens, you’ll always be the winner to us!” And as she walked away, she mumbled “You always say that mom…”

A big factor in helping our kids accept defeat is how we react as parents. Sometimes the bigger pressure comes from us and our kids are scared of letting us down. We need to be careful about the expecations we put on them. Janina was sad about not winning, and admittedly I was a bit too, but it helps to assure them that we love them unconditionally and that our love is not dependent on their performance. Let us be our kids’ #1 fans!
It is also good to remind them that “God works all things for the good of those who love Him.” (Rom 8:28) Ultimately God’s perfect will prevails over our kids’ lives.

Not winning doesn’t mean losing. It just means you have learned a better way to do it. It means knowing what not to do and what to work on. It means you can try again and give it another shot. The only time you fail is when you quit.

“There are no failures – just experiences and your reactions to them.”

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13 Replies to “ACCEPTING DEFEAT”

  1. oh wow…your video brought me to tears. thank you for this blog. now i’m excited to teach my baby, when his time comes, that while failure will always be part of learning, our being a family will always be the winning part. :)Congratulations to Janina for her wondeful family!

  2. Hahaha! I like that, ‘Who’s your mother?’ Di nakatiis ang judge..Haha! oo nga naman, with the quality of her voice and her stage presence, ako rin, Who’s your mother?’ Go! Forth, Janina! You’re simply the BEST and the Winner!

  3. Janina, I’m SO proud of you!
    Beautiful song, great poise and wonderful attitude!
    You’re a winner in my book!
    By the way…who’s your mom? Super galeng rin yon!

    Jenn,i love your writing!

  4. thanks everyone! actually, when the judge asked for janina’s mom, i wanted to disappear. i knew madidisappoint sya. but i think pinanindigan nalang nya in the end. haha… sana daddy nalang ang hiningi.

  5. Janina ang galing, galing mo!!! Too bad I missed it! Ate Jenn, nakakaiyak naman yung video mo. Feeling ko parang debut ni Janina! Hehe.

  6. i wish Mommy Helen could have seen her and your kids in the flesh πŸ™‚ She will be overjoyed for sure

  7. amazing! janina, you’re always a winner no matter what…yes, even if you hear that ALL the time, it’s only because it’s true! ate jenn, saying again that i LOVE your blog =)

  8. Janina, you did a fantastic performance. I do agree with the judge. I could feel your every emotion. Keep on singing and making beautiful music. I am always captured by your beautiful voice.
    Jenn, your video made me cry. I want to honor you and Pastor Paolo for the way you are as parents. Wish all parents were like you. The next generation would surely be God-fearing, achieving, confident, secure people.

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