Image and video  hosting by TinyPicOver lunch today, one of my kids told his siblings “I told you, our real mother got abducted by an alien.” And the others agreed in unison. A part of me felt insulted and wanted to ground them for life, but a part of me understood why they were saying it. I decided to play along and in a robotic, alien voice said “You’re right. I’m not your real mother.” And they all laughed.

Mothers have good days and bad days. On our good days, we are jolly and sweet, always encouraging and helpful. On our bad days, we morph into that mom that we vowed never to become.  That’s when my kids sometimes call me the “dark master.” Hehe… Funny but true. Today was one of those days. I snapped easily, I was bossy and was very unaccommodating.  The fact that I didn’t have helpers and I had so many things to get done is not an excuse. These are one of those times we need to go to God and ask for His grace.

My kids apologized to me for saying such a thing. I also made a conscious decision to change my mood and attitude and told them happily that their real mom is back.

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    1. hi tess! nice to meet you online. it’s always good to know i am not alone in my situation. have a great weekend!

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