I am finally letting go of my farm. And to all my Farmville neighbors, it was nice farming with you!

Since I started my facebook, I’ve gotten tons of invitations to play different games from different people. I was never into them, and still can’t say that I am now. I only started playing Farmville upon the insistence of my kids. For many months, I’ve always declined, saying that I’m much too old for things like that. And then one day, it hit me, that I don’t want them to remember me as their mom who was too old to enjoy the things that they did. Hence, my decision to build my own farm.

What followed was days of hard work (wink). Plowing, planting, harvesting, earning coins and farmville cash, expanding my farm, sending and receiving gifts to and from my neighbors. I did spend a lot of hours on it, but in this case, I wouldn’t say it was pointless because my kids and I were enjoying the experience together. But since my kids have moved on to Hotel City and other stuff, I might as well close my farm. Now they want me to play Plants and Zombies (oh my!)

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As a mom, I want to stay relevant to my kids. I want to bridge the generation gap by stepping out of my “grown-up world” and trying things out that they are into. That means watching the movies they want to watch and learning the songs that they are singing. I want them to remember me not as a corny or kill-joy mom but as a “fun” mom, who enjoyed the things that they did.

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  1. haha ditto on that…that’s what makes you a great mom. oh, and a note on Plants Vs. Zombies… gabe’s been trying to get me to play it for about a year now, haha, and i’ve only recently tried (last week to be exact) and…it IS addicting O_o yikes.

  2. hi, i’m a subscriber of your blogs and i enjoy reading each post. hope you can visit my website. i’m very new at blogging. just started this week! 🙂 cheers!

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