I already lost count of the pets in our house that have come and gone over the years. Our kids have been incessantly asking us for a puppy but Paolo and I are not really big dog lovers, (and knowing the commitment and cost of taking care of a dog), so we’ve compromised by allowing them to bring home rabbits, turtles, birds, guinea pigs and hamsters, to name a few.

Most kids want pets because they’re fun to play with, to watch, to take care of and love. Kids learn a lot too by taking care of pets. They learn to be responsible over another creature’s life. They learn to be gentle, caring and dependable. They learn that it is a serious business to take care of somebody else, as they clean cages and make sure the food trays are filled.

If I had my way, I really wouldn’t want any hairy or slimy creature inside our house. But given all the things my kids can gain from the experience, well, the “torture” is worth it. πŸ˜€

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Ryan’s salamander Geckle. The other one is named Heckle.
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Janina’s hamsters: Mr. Monk, Megaman, Cley, Roxy

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  1. Nice! Andi will be so amazed when she visits! We’ll be getting a new “family member” of ourselves too for Andi’s birthday. We’ll start with a fish for now πŸ™‚

  2. Wow… SALAMANDERS AND HAMSTERS! What do you feed the salamanders? Salami? Hihihi!!! πŸ˜‰ Ham naman for hamsters!

  3. Ate Jen! Most hamsters cannot live with each other when they grow up. They don’t like sharing space with other hamsters and end up “eating” or killing each other. Check on your hamster’s breed to find out whether they’re that kind. Otherwise, put them in separate cages. For cheap cages, go to Cartimar. πŸ™‚

    1. Paula, thanks for the tip. I will talk to Janina about it. We were wondering nga where to get cheap cages kasi mahal sa malls e. We’ll check cartimar.

  4. Yes mahal. I have two extra. You can have them if you want.:) Just improvise nalang. Make sure you have a wheel for them…and not the wire wheel kasi baka masugatan sila. πŸ™‚ Let me or my sister know if you want the cage so my sis can bring them to you next time. Enjoy the pets. They need love, too.;P

    1. hi mahal! for a moment, i thought you were addressing me as mahal. haha! i will ask janina if she wants the extra cages. but you know, you were right. 2 hamsters out of the 5 died already πŸ™

  5. HAHAHAHAHA!:) MAHAL for the win! I’ll give them nalang to you para di na magaway yung hamsters mo. Baka mamatay lahat yan!:( They’re not hard to take care of anyway. At pag nasanay yan na mahawakan, promise, it’ll be the cutest furry animals in your home. Hehehehe!:) Just let me know. Am leaving for Taiwan so if you need it na, Yaya would know where they are, just tell my sister.:) Mwah!

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