If mothers were hired to do all that they do, they’d be well compensated, says one survey. ( determined that a stay-at-home mother might be paid as much as $134,121 for her contributions as a housekeeper, cook, day care center teacher, janitor and CEO, among other functions. (See full list below.) The stay-at-home mothers surveyed said they logged a total of 92 hours a week performing those jobs.

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It’s funny but it was Paolo who showed this to me. The first thing I told him was “I want my salary!” Maybe we moms should start a union and demand a monthly paycheck. And maybe we can go on strike whenever we are overworked. Of course I’m kidding! Being a mom is a privilege. And its compensation goes beyond what money can buy. Hearing my 1-yr old call me “mama”, being able to kiss an ouchie away, getting cards with stick drawings and the words “You are the best mother in the world!”, seeing my son graduate from gradeschool, these are only some of my rewards as a mom.

As tiring as it can be, I think all moms will agree that we love our job! With or without a salary. Though a day-off once is a while is nice… 😀

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