No, I’m not pregnant! Just wanted to make that clear. But yesterday, at my ob’s clinic, i bumped into a friend who was pregnant for the 3rd time. Her husband and she weren’t planning on a 3rd baby so when they found out they were both initially upset, to say the least. She cried, but they were not really tears of joy, more of worry and anxiety. Her mind started to fastforward to the future and she began to think of bills to pay when they can hardly make ends meet at the present.
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I asked her what helped her overcome her initial shock. She told me that as she read Genesis 1, she was reminded that before God created man, He created the land and the seas first, all the plants and trees and animals. God made sure that man had everything he needed before He created him.

This passage assured my friend that even before she conceived the baby in her womb, God had already made the preparations for her. When it is time for her baby to be born, she can trust God that He will provide for everything that they will ever need all throughout her baby’s life. There is no “unexpected” with God.

Having 4 kids, I am greatly encouraged by what she shared! There are days when I do think about the future and the amount of money we need to come up with to give our kids a good education and bring them to different places, among others. But when I start to focus on God and how faithful He has been, and how big He is, all worries fade away.

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  1. ate jen .. thanks for sharing this. its very encouraging. nope hindi po ako naka buntis hahahaha! i was encouraged lang how a simple genesis chapter 1 can mean a whole lot! astig! God provides .. he surely does .. and he provides well πŸ™‚ God bless ate Jen πŸ™‚

  2. and I am that friend that phoebe is talking about. thanks for giving me the link, chy. …and che, our other preggy friend had the chance to read it too & be encouraged. thanks ms jen.

  3. Many atimes we do worry about the future.what will happen,what if something goes wrong and we forget Gods word that tell us that He is faithful even when we are unfaithful.whatever is,was or is to come God remains faithful.He cannot deny Himself.

  4. very inspiring… the same feeling that i felt when i found out 2 years ago that im pregnant, confused.. pano ko bubuhayin ang baby ko tinalikuran ako ng daddy nya… parang a voice whispering to my ear ” you don’t have to worry because GOD will provide”… from then on yan ung lagi kong iniisip that i don’t have to worry for the future, because i have a big GOD.. all i need is to have faith..

  5. i am greatly encouraged by this..this was exactly how i felt when i found out i was pregnant for the third time..truly, God has already provided what we’ll be needing for our children’s future! : )

  6. It’s so encouraging to know that God is preparing the way for my future baby and that’s why he has’t come yet. We’ve been married by Pastor Paulo 2 years and 3 months ago and we firmly believe that when He blesses, he doesn’t add trouble to it. Thank you for your ministry. πŸ™‚

    1. hi kaye! i’m so happy that you are expecting a baby! that is indeed a great blessing from God! and you can surely count on God to provide for everything that your baby needs! congratulations!

  7. God’s been faithful all the time, we just need to trust in him and step out in faith because He was the one who gaves us the ability to produce wealth and once God blessed us it surely adds no trouble.

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