Moms, at this time and age, there are so many things that fight for our attention, energy and resources. Gone are the days when a normal family spends time together every night just talking over dinner and weekends just unwinding at home.

There are days when I am out for the most part, and when I get home my celphone rings and my laptop calls out to me and it takes a big, big effort for me to set these gadgets aside and focus on my family.

I realize that it if I don’t have my priorities in order, I can easily waste my time on things that really don’t matter. Once in a while, it’s good to ask ourselves these questions:

What will really matter at the end of my life on earth?

Will what I am giving attention to now still be important

Or, will I be filled with regret for what I did — or
didn’t do?

Distractions abound. TV, phone calls, books, movies, parties, facebook, twitter, even blogging.

It might be a good idea to stop and evaluate how you are investing your time. I don’t want to look back at the end of my life and realize that I’ve wasted so much on things that have no eternal value.

My priorites are God, my husband and my children. I need to invest the best of my time in cultivating my relationship with them.

Lord, I pray that I will not lose sight of what really matters.

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