When most Filipino families are eating rice for breakfast, our family is eating cereal with milk. Our kids drink milk during the day and before bedtime as well. That makes us heavy consumers of cow’s milk. For years, two of my kids have been having on and off sinusitis and cough. The doctor said that it was probably just an allergic reaction to something. I’ve Image and video hosting by TinyPicalways thought that it was probably due to stuff in the air or the weather. I never accepted that it was due to cow’s milk since our kids love cow’s milk so much. Until a few months ago, I decided to remove cow’s milk from our diet. Just a week after that, my kids were not sniffing and coughing anymore. But I had to wait a few months just to make sure. And it’s been a few months now. We haven’t successfully eliminated all dairy from our diet but removing cow’s milk was a big difference already.

Here are some of the stuff I’ve read about cow’s milk:

Fifty years ago an average cow produced 2,000
pounds of milk per year. Today the top producers give 50,000
pounds! How was this accomplished? Drugs, antibiotics,
hormones, forced feeding plans and specialized breeding;
that’s how.

Any lactating mammal excretes toxins through her milk. This
includes antibiotics, pesticides, chemicals and hormones.
Also, all cows’ milk contains blood! The inspectors are
simply asked to keep it under certain limits. You may be
horrified to learn that the USDA allows milk to contain from
one to one and a half million white blood cells per
millilitre. (That’s only 1/30 of an ounce). If you don’t
already know this, I’m sorry to tell you that another way to
describe white cells where they don’t belong would be to
call them pus cells. To get to the point, is milk pure or is
it a chemical, biological, and bacterial cocktail?

If you google “diary” or “cow’s milk”, you can read more articles on this.

Some of you might argue this, but one thing I know for sure: no more allergies for my kids.

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    1. we use soy milk 🙂 you can read the difference between cow’s milk and soymilk online. anything taken in excess always has negative effects. but overall, i think soy milk is better

  1. Hi Ms jen! I’m a mom of 2 boys, one is 4 years old and the other 8 months. My eldest was born with a milk allergy and for this reason i breastfeed my boys exclusively (my 4 year old up to now!). My kids’ pedia is a breastfeeding advocate and has warned me of the “dangers” of cow’s milk as you have mentioned in your blog. I asked her about substitutes for cow’s milk and the best answer she gave me is Malunggay! Gram for gram, fresh leaves have 4 times the calcium of milk, 7 times the vit c of oranges, 4 times the vit A of carrots, and it offers so much more… Plus it’s cheap and readily available 🙂

    1. yes i agree! breastmilk is still the best! we are also into malunggay! my husband and i and my 3 kids take the malunggay capsules everyday. and i always recommend it to friends 🙂 thanks for your input!

  2. Ate Jen, ika nga ng commercial, “Hindi baka ang anak mo.”


    Funny how we were brought up to think that these things (milk, meat, etc) are essential to our body. You’ll find out later on how much crap there is to the food business. Happy to hear your kids are better now.:)

  3. PS: I have a friend na who only fed her baby with her milk for a year. Not once did her baby get sick. Even when she and her husband got sick and even at the heat of the summer! Galing!

  4. Ay Ate Jen! Just read your comments. Charlie sells Soy Milk!:)

    It’s called AsiaSoy. It comes in different flavors and it has no preservatives so your kids might like the melon & chocolate.:) I personally like the plain one (may lite and original). 🙂 You can buy it from SM Hypermart, Rustans, etc.:)

    Soy Milk has two types — the super watery one (which the Chinese usually prefer) and the medyo malapot one (which the Filipinos usually prefer). AsiaSoy is more malapot than watery. You might like it, too!:)

  5. …but I’ve read also about some issues with soy milk. about some sort of an enzyme or hormone in it. i’ll try to find it again and share with you. maybe stick to the organic soy.

    1. yes you’re right mel. it’s difficult these days kasi you read one thing here, then another thing there. my kids were allergic to cow’s milk and their allergies disappeared when i shifted to soy, but again, there is not one perfect milk, i guess. the best thing to do is to eat as much fruits and vegetables as we can, rest and exercise. please do send me the link, and other health articles you might come across with that are helpful. thanks!


    this is just one of many articles I found recently. I have been reading about the ill effects of soy since year 2000. I love soy milk since I grew up in Ongpin and even had a neighbor who has a soymilk business, we just knock on the window and but the freshly made soymilk.

    I don’t know if it’s connected but I had terrible allergies and sinusitis. (I was not a cow’s milk fan) had multiple myomas which almost led to a complete hysterectomy just a couple of months after I got married. had polycystic ovarian syndrome, two blighted ovum pregnancies. All these led to my researching then (the internet was soooo slow years ago) for few articles about my health which led me to the discovery about the presumably ill effects of soy.

    but I still drink soymilk until now.

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