Charles Swindoll tells the story of four scholars who were arguing over Bible translations. One said he preferred the King James Version because of its eloquent old English, another preferred the American Standard because of its literalism and a third preferred the way the Moffatt translation captured the reader’s attention. After giving the issue considerable thought, the fourth scholar admitted, “I have personally preferred my mother’s translation.” The others scholars chuckled, but as he explained, “Yes, she translated it. She translated each page of the Bible into life. It is the most convincing translation I ever saw.”

Image and video hosting by TinyPicYou have probably heard people say, “My life is an open book.” Well it certainly is with children. They are reading about life from every page. They are finding answers to many of life’s questions: “How, as a wife, am I supposed to love and honor my husband?” “How am I supposed to spend my money?” “How should a Christian act?”

Not only are children reading the pages of our lives to learn what a Christian looks like, but they also are reading us to draw conclusions about what God is like. Think back to your own childhood. How did you perceive God? In your eyes, was He a harsh taskmaster who sat in the clouds, looking down with disdain every time you made a mistake? Did He carry a big stick, ready to whip you into shape? Did He keep a big score book where He made notations when you did something bad and gave you red check marks when you did something good? Or did you see Him as a loving Father with children clamoring around His feet and climbing into His welcoming lap? Did you see Him as a Daddy who tucked His children in at night and listened to them talk about anything and everything? Did you see Him as being not mad but hurt when you made a mistake?

Children are reading the pages of our lives.

(This article was forwarded by a friend.)

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