This week was sobering. It made a lot of people stop and think about life. And about death. My dear friend, Maileen Hern, passed away at 38 years of age because of breast cancer. I have believed God for her complete healing since day 1 but God had another plan. And His will is always good, pleasing and perfect.

So many people had so many nice things to say about Maileen. She inspired a lot of us to hold on in faith to God’s promises, to persevere in the midst of difficulty, to always focus our eyes on God. Her last words to her daughters were “Always be grateful” and “Always trust God.” Amidst her pain, she was still able to point her kids to God.

The death of a close friend reminded me once again of the brevity of life. My time will come. (Hopefully later than sooner.) And when my time comes I wonder, “What will people say about me?” And even more important is “What will my kids say about me? What legacy will I leave behind?”

Difficult questions. But I hope we will all take time to think about it. Death is sure. Let us make our lives count.

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  1. I was not able to finish watching the tribute to Ms. Maileen on live stream last night because of work..but I’m continuously praying for her and their family.. thanks for sharing this Ms. Jenn. i just hope i could still watch the full video of the tribute.:) thanks again. God bless! 🙂

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