Oh my! Have you ever given permission to your child to do something but at the back of your mind, he really wouldn’t do it anyway?

Image and video hosting by TinyPicThis afternoon I had a meeting in Ateneo with one of Nathan’s teachers. I told my other 3 kids to just wait in the car with the driver and helper. When I came back, Janina exclaimed, “Mom, I finally did it!” So I asked, “What? What did you finally do?” She saw a man smoking and she went down the car to tell him “Hi! Please stop smoking because not only are you killing yourself, but you are actually also killing me and my brothers. If you don’t want to die of bronchitis, tuberculosis, emphysema, lung cancer and other sicknesses, please stop smoking now. And also please don’t throw your cigarette on the ground but look for a trashcan. Thank you.” And Janina said he actually stopped smoking after that.

I didn’t know how to react. Did I do the right thing? I do remember her asking me if she could tell people who smoke to stop. And I did give her permission. (But really, I didn’t think she would actually do it.) Well, for one, at least I know I could admire her boldness. Not very many kids her age would approach an adult and confront him like that. And secondly, I was impressed at her knowledge of respiratory diseases (he he).

Well Janina did have a point. Smoking is bad and it harms our children as well. If Janina is that passionate about it, should I stop her?

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