Image and video hosting by TinyPicJust in the last 2 weeks, several moms have asked me online about what good parenting book I can recommend. Off the top of my head, I can think of one: SHEPHERDING A CHILD’S HEART by Tedd Tripp. I’m sure my husband would make the same recommendation. We got our copy of this book many years ago when we just had 1 child. It was given to us by Pastor Steve and Deborah Murrell, our mentors in parenting. I must say, this book has had a great influence on how we are raising our children.

Here are some of the many things I learned from that book:

Our goal is to empower our children to be self-controlled individuals living under God’s authority.

As parents, we must require obedience from our children because God’s word calls for obedience and the honoring of parents.

The Heart is the Focus of Shepherding (“Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” [Proverbs 4:23]) The goal is not to simply direct the behavior of our children, but the attitudes of their hearts. As parents, we should show our children the “why” of their sin and not just the “what.” A goal of simply having well behaved children totally misses the mark.

It taught us the do’s and don’t’s of discipline.

And one of the most useful tools to explain to our kids why we need to teach them to obey and honor their parents: THE CIRCLE OF BLESSING. (This one you can’t miss!! It was super helpful to us!)

I hope every parent who reads this blog gets a copy of that book.

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  1. YES I agree!
    If you could read only one book on Parenting, this is it.
    For parents of teens, his next book “AGE OF OPPORTUNITY” is the best too. ;>

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