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Janina in the recovery room with her dad and anesthesiologist, Dr. Joey Banzon

Motherhood is an adventure. This week I learned about bone injuries. The terms I’ve long forgotten in science class were brought back to memory, like ulna, radius, closed reduction and the like. Janina fractured her arm while playing in the playground last Friday. It’s amazing how a split-second fall can cost you thousands of pesos in medical care and weeks of recovery. Now her whole left arm, from the wrist to the armpit, has to be in a cast for at least 4 weeks. My already independent daughter is now once again, very dependent on me. She needs assistance for basically everything, from fixing her hair to feeding herself.

My new challenge is: How do you bathe a child in a cast? I tried it tonight by using cellophane and taping it around her arm. Well, I guess it worked because I managed to keep her cast dry. But I hope to get better at this in the next few weeks.

It’s been a tiring and stressful weekend but thank God for His grace. I will not allow this situation to bog me down but I am praying it will make me a better mom. I am praying God will give me the wisdom and creativity I need to help make things easier for Janina during her recovery. I am praying that I will not fail to see the blessings in every situation that God allows us and our kids to go through.

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  1. “I am praying God will give me the wisdom and creativity I need to help make things easier for Janina during her recovery.”

    That’s the heart of a loving mother. That line touched my heart, when some mothers would complain about having to deal with that task, and nurse a daughter because of an accident.

    God bless your heart as a loving mother and as a woman of God.

    Much love and respect πŸ™‚

  2. Jenn: God bless your heart. Kleid meets accident every now & then as he plays basket…OH! How I feel your heart about Janina.And to think you still have Joaquin to look after. God’s abundant grace be upon you, and his power to be at work until she fully recovers.Holding the ropes…Hugs!

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