Money from Heaven

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We just finished dinner in the mall and our son Ryan wanted to buy some cotton candy. One bag cost P25.00. I knew I didn’t have enough cash anymore so I rummaged through my wallet and bag and came up with one 20 peso bill and 4 peso coins. I was short by P1.00. I asked Paolo if he had any coins in his pocket but just like me, he was broke. 😀 My poor Ryan, he was so looking forward to enjoying his cotton candy. We proposed for him to sing in front of people and maybe someone will throw in a few coins. Or he could give the saleslady at the cotton candy stall his most pitiful, heart-rending look and maybe she would take pity on him and accept his P24.00. Of course, he didn’t agree to do any of these. I told Nathan to do one of his magic tricks and get one coin from my ear. Well, he tried, but he came up empty-handed. So finally, I said, “Ok let’s pray that somehow God will make a one-peso coin appear from nowhere.” That seemed like a ridiculous prayer, right?

Image and video hosting by TinyPicAs we were preparing to leave the restaurant, I turned to grab Joaquin’s baby bag, and lo and behold, there was a shiny silver one peso coin just sitting on top of it!! I asked Paolo if he was playing a trick on me and put the coin there, but he really didn’t! God did literally make that coin appear from nowhere! How amazing is that!

Today, Ryan ate the best tasting cotton candy he ever had!

Rom 4:17 The God who gives life to the dead and who creates something out of nothing. (NCV)

1 Timothy 6:17
but to put their hope in God, who richly provides us  with everything for our enjoyment.



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