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    The other night as I was washing up, I noticed a band-aid plastered on my back. I know I didn’t put it there. Then I realized, it was my daughter Janina who did! No wonder, she kept on hugging me earlier! So I did what a loving mother would do. I got my own band-aid, snuck inside their room and plastered it on her forehead as she lay sleeping. Imagine her surprise, when she looked in the mirror the following day! We had a good laugh about it! One thing about our family is we love to laugh! We love tickle fights, making fun of each other, telling jokes, acting…

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    Dear Jenn, Could I ask you for a piece of advice? My daughter is already attending playgroup . I’m amazed at an early age that she learned a lot like eating independently, wearing her slippers properly, and a lot more things that an ordinary 2 year old cannot do yet. Today, her teacher spoke to me about my daughter beating her classmate. Honestly i don’t want to make excuses for my daughter though i told her teacher that she won’t hit anyone if she was not provoked but still I know that it’s wrong to hit or hurt someone. I was convicted of my actions. Because nowadays, I’ve been disciplining…

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    I know my kids are not perfect. In fact, I’d be the first one to tell you that they are far from being perfect. But I still love to brag about them anyway. 😀 Below is a story that Ryan’s Grade 1 Adviser shared with Paolo and me: I gave the class an assignment about “Animals and Their Young”. In class, I told the class to share and discuss their homework with their classmates. Most of the kids were busy sharing their work with one another and some of them were standing in front of me, waiting for their turn to ask me a question. Ryan was one of those…

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    We met with several of Nathan’s teachers during his first quarter Parent-Teacher Conference. One thing that stood out from their different feedback about Nathan was that he is not afraid to ask questions, to clarify issues or to argue a point. If something doesn’t make sense to him, he doesn’t hesitate to start a discussion about it. If he answers a test question differently, he explains his perspective and requests his teacher to reconsider. I remember when Nathan as a young boy challenged the lines of the ever-popular nursery rhyme Twinkle, twinkle litte star, and explained to me that stars really are not little, and they don’t really twinkle. They…

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    A few days after Joaquin’s fall in the shower, we had to take him to the dentist to know the extent of injury on his teeth. Two of his front upper teeth were moving and now there was a gap in between. Joaquin really has always been good with doctors visits, but since his lips and gums were still very tender and sore from the accident, we weren’t really sure if he would cooperate and sit still during his examination and xray. Thank God we brought along Elmo, whom Joaquin fondly calls “wawa”, and with the supporting role of the Ipod video, together they helped Joaquin cooperate. No screaming, no…

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    After Janina’s initial excitement over her cast wore off, she started to feel the weight, literally and figuratively, and the inconvenience of having to carry that cement mold for at least 4 weeks. I thought of a way to get her mind off her predicament and channel her energies into something that will distract her and make time fly faster. Nail art! I told her that with each week that passes, i will get her different colors of nail polish and we will experiment with our own nail art at home. The idea seemed to work because she was complaining less and less about her cast and getting more and…

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    It’s been a challenging month for us. The kids have been alternately getting sick and a couple of them got into really bad accidents. Getting into the details only make me cringe, so I’ll spare you. I have been tempted to complain, to question, to nag, to run away. And I know it’s not just me. A lot of my friends are nursing sick kids  back to health too as I write this. So, why do bad things happen? I wish I can answer that. We try our best to keep our kids healthy, to watch over them and protect them, and still, things happen to them. One thing I…

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    Two weeks ago, I took Ryan to the dentist because I noticed that his permanent teeth were coming out but the milk teeth were still very much intact. The dentist recommended that 3 milk teeth be pulled out to give way for the new ones. As she explained that she would have to administer anesthesia injections, Ryan started to cry and just wanted me to take him home. As a mom, I was faced with a decision. A dominant parent would say “You’re being a baby! Just stop crying, sit still and let the dentist do her job!” A permissive parent would say “Oh son, I don’t want you to…

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    You’re already two How fast you’ve grown We’re so blessed to have you For our very own Koya, Tete, Yayan, Dada and Mama We’re letting you know How much we love ya When you dance to ‘Beat It’ When you wipe your nose When you pray ‘Bless Buzz’ Your cuteness just shows We love you so much Our cute Bubba Whatever you do We’ll always love ya by Koya Nathan and Mom