Yikes! I can’t believe it’s September 1! It was just like yesterday we were opening our Christmas gifts by our tree. Why does time have to fly so fast? I remember last September when I was walking in the mall, tears filled my eyes when I heard Christmas songs being played. I am always overcome with a feeling of nostalgia at the thought of Christmas. For the most part it’s because of a lot of happy memories of past Christmases, but also it makes me sentimental to think that another year has flown by just like that.

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Christmas 2006
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Christmas 2007
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Christmas 2008

It is never too early to prepare for Christmas. Especially here in the Philippines where Christmas trees are already being set up as early as October, it is always good to plan ahead. Here are some tips that year after year I remind myself of but never actually get to do. Haha. 😀 Well, I hope to do better this year.

1. Update your Christmas gift list. If you know who’s on your list and some sort of idea what to get them, you can start picking out their gifts in the next few months whenever you make a trip to the mall.
2. Schedule your family portrait photo shoot. I always tell myself to do this early but end up doing it late. Hence, the not so nice pictures.
3. If you are planning a Christmas getaway out of town, it is best to book your accommodations early. Or if you are planning to stay at the hotel for New Year’s Eve, better make your reservations now. Christmas is peak season and these places get fully-booked fast.
4. Make an inventory of your Christmas decorations. Give away or throw the ones that you don’t want to keep anymore and dust the things you plan to use.
5. Remember your Christmas family traditions. Our family has our own traditions that we keep, year after year, like decorating the tree together followed by pizza dinner, giving goodies to street children, making chocolate lollipops, to name a few.

And most importantly, get your children involved in all the preparations. We don’t want to get so busy and realize we have overlooked our children. Let us do our best to give them happy Christmas memories that will stay with them long after we are gone.

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