A few days ago, a friend of mine who just recently gave birth was asking me about my experiences on parent-directed feeding or what is more commonly known these days as “babywise.” You see, it is always a joy for me to share how this feeding method have had a great positive impact on my mommy life.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicWhen I had my firstborn Nathan, his first few weeks was very exhausting for me. I breastfed him on demand, and his schedule was so erratic. I hardly got any sleep, went anywhere or did anything else but feed, feed, feed. I remember times when I would cry whenever he started crying because I was just so tired. I noticed my milk supply decreasing too as a result of being so stressed. On Nathan’s 4th week, a friend of mine lent me this book entitled “Preparation for Parenting” by Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo, which is also published under the title “Babywise.” I am telling you, it couldn’t have come at a better time. I implemented the principles shared in that book right away, and by Nathan’s 6th week, his body got used to a feeding schedule that allowed me time to rest, visit with friends, go to the parlor, and even go out on dates with my husband. By the 8th week, he was sleeping straight throughout the night without waking up to feed. What a blessing! Amazingly, Babywise produced the same results on my 2nd, 3rd and 4th baby!

While there is not one perfect parenting method, I highly recommend Babywise because it helped me put order into my baby’s day. It allowed me to establish a routine for my baby that took into consideration the other members and schedule of the family. It taught me how to train my baby to sleep on his own, in his own crib, without being rocked or danced to sleep. It taught me how to discern the cries of my baby, because not every cry is a hunger cry. It taught me how to define boundaries for my baby, that became the foundation of discipline in his older years.

While this method worked wonders for me and my babies, it might not necessarily work for you. If you do want to try Babywise, one word of caution though. Do not be legalistic. You do not have to follow everything to the letter. Just take what is helpful to you and forget about what is not practical for you and your baby. You would know. You’re the mom.

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