After Janina’s initial excitement over her cast wore off, she started to feel the weight, literally and figuratively, and the inconvenience of having to carry that cement mold for at least 4 weeks. I thought of a way to get her mind off her predicament and channel her energies into something that will distract her and make time fly faster. Nail art! I told her that with each week that passes, i will get her different colors of nail polish and we will experiment with our own nail art at home. The idea seemed to work because she was complaining less and less about her cast and getting more and more excited about expanding her nail polish collection. We also managed to make our own inexpensive nail dotting tool. We’re still a bit messy and shaky, but here are some of the stuff we did:

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Strawberry design
nail art
Minnie Mouse design
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Janina and her cast win 1st Place in their school's Linggo ng Wika singing contest

No doubt, our children will go through difficult times. It is our role as mothers to think of ways to make tough situations more bearable for them.

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