I know my kids are not perfect. In fact, I’d be the first one to tell you that they are far from being perfect. But I still love to brag about them anyway. 😀 Below is a story that Ryan’s Grade 1 Adviser shared with Paolo and me:

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Ryan with his classmate Reuben

I gave the class an assignment about “Animals and Their Young”. In class, I told the class to share and discuss their homework with their classmates. Most of the kids were busy sharing their work with one another and some of them were standing in front of me, waiting for their turn to ask me a question.

Ryan was one of those students. Suddenly, Reuben came to me and said, “Ms. Jas, nobody wants to share their homework with me.” He said these words with a gloomy face. When Ryan heard Reuben, he immediately turned to him and said, “Here, look at mine.”

He even explained what he did for his homework to Reuben. I saw a bright smile slowly forming on Reuben’s face.

Ryan put Reuben’s needs ahead of him. He recognized that Reuben needed someone to be with him and acted on it.

Ryan may still be small but he has done a lot of big, caring things for others.

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