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Image and video hosting by TinyPicMy friends are always amazed when I tell them that I don’t have to wake my kids up on weekdays to get them ready for school. They have their own alarm clocks, and as soon as it goes off, they run to the shower, put their uniforms on and eat their breakfast. That’s when my husband joins them for their morning devotions, while I sleep in with our youngest, Joaquin. 🙂

For most families, weekday mornings are stressful. It is hard enough to get cranky kids out of bed, much more to push them to the shower, finish their breakfast and make it to school on time. With 3 kids going to school, I really don’t want to be shouting at them early in the morning and forcing them out of bed. Having trained our kids to take charge of their morning routine, life has been much easier for all of us. The principle is simple. If you train your kids to be dependent on you, they will be.

How did we do it? Here are some of the things we did that helped:
1. Set their bedtime that allows them 8 to 10 hours of sleep.
2. Get them their own alarm clocks. Our daugther Janina actually requested for a second alarm clock. She said one wasn’t enough to wake her up, so we got her another one.
3. Teach them the value of punctuality. If you show them that being on time is important, not just in school, but also for work, meetings, going to church, they will grow up being punctual and hating being late.
4. Instill for them a love for learning. If kids are not motivated to learn, they will not look forward to going to school.

Click here to watch Janina’s video when she started school 6 years ago.



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