Men are meant to lead, cultivate and protect. Wives and all the single women who are reading this, let us support the men God has given to us, our husbands, our sons, our fathers, our brothers, even our male friends, by encouraging them everytime they take a step to lead, cultivate and protect. Too often, we find ourselves criticizing them and judging them, thinking that what they do is not good enough. No wonder we see a lot of passive men, who have just given up trying and have turned over the reins of leadership to women.

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Picture by Taal Volcano during the recent Couples Retreat

Whenever your husband steps up, you need to step aside and let him be the man God created him to be. You might feel anxious and fearful at first, that’s okay, but please be encouraging. Always appreciate him for his effort and trust that God will work it out.

Our husbands might and will fail at times, but that doesn’t make them a failure. The more we let them lead, the better they will be at leading.

Embedded below is the message last Sunday on Machonurin

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  1. Thank you for sharing ate Jenn… Waaaaahhhhh…

    pstr pao’s message was awesome yesterday. you have allowed him to be the man he was designed by his creator to be… thank you for inspiring us women, wives and moms… your posts have continually touched lives… 🙂

  2. Hehe. Machonurin…Love this topic. Thanks, Ate Jenn, for always imparting wisdom to us. Ladies, let us not forget that our husbands are still the MAN in the house. Let’s give them the respect and honor that they deserve. Wag natin silang gawin TIGAS. Tigas-saing…tiga-luto…tiga-hugas ng pinggan o tiga-laba. LOL.‌

    Shared your link on FB po. Have a nice day!

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