great mommy idea: art kit

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PhotobucketIt was quite a long wait at the orthopedia’s clinic. Janina was scheduled for a follow-up check-up after her cast was taken out to determine if she still needed rehab or not. Fortunately, Janina brought her art kit and that kept her and Ryan busy. They were drawing, coloring and cutting, they didn’t even complain about the wait (and normally they would.) Even the adults around them were surprised to see them just quietly working in the corner.


I wish I could take credit for this ingenious idea but it was actually Janina who put this art kit together for school. She saw her Tita Mae’s (Perez) Tote-Ally which sells for $25 and thought of using a local bag organizer we bought at SM for just P120.00. She got her markers, crayons, pencils, scissors and what have you’s and stuffed them in the organizer and she has her own on-the-go art kit which she totes around with her.



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