Author: Nate Punzalan, 2nd HS

cherry treeWhen I was growing up, one of the places I enjoyed the most was the cherry tree in the backyard. I loved it there, especially during summer when the tree’s sweet, sun-warmed rubies become ripe. I would stay by the tree for hours, picking and eating its little red treats.

I had competition, though. Whenever I wasn’t there, flocks of birds would perch all over the tree to devour its precious gems. When I was with my snack-giving friend, however, I’d chase all the winged thieves away.

Whenever I started preparing for school, there usually weren’t a lot of cherries leftover. I wonder why the grown-ups never ate them. There were always too many for me, or the birds, to finish. “Oh well,” I’d usually say in my head. “More for me!”

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