our crazy gingerbreadmen

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For Advent last night, we planned to make our own gingerbread ornaments. It was supposed to look like this: (of course this was mine ;D)

But the kids’ finished product were these:

Nathan: Thankful for our trip to Coron

Ryan: Thankful for his baseball

Janina: Thankful for her puppy, Vanilla

Part of me wanted to force them to do it the way it should be done, to follow the rules. The objective of our ornament-making activity was for them to make an ornament, write on it what one thing they’re thankful for this year, while having a great time as a family. I saw how everyone was having fun making their silly gingerbread ornaments, so I just held my tongue and let them have their way.

Rules are good but there are times, we can just throw the rules out the window and allow our kids to have fun!

P.S. And this was Paolo’s. He didn’t follow the rules too ;D



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