Janina's recitalConversation in the car:

Janina: Mom will I ever get famous? When will I get famous?

Mom: Yes you will! But I don’t know exactly when. Do you remember the timeline you made for your school project? God has His timeline for your life mapped out even before you were born.

Janina: What if I get impatient?

Don’t we all relate with her question? This was a good time for me to explain to Janina what it means to wait upon the Lord and not go ahead of His will.

I don’t like waiting. Whether it’s waiting in line, or waiting for my husband to pick me up, or waiting for an answer to a prayer. Left to our own, we will give up waiting. That’s why we need God’s strength as we wait. But those who wait on the Lord will find new strength .Often times, we get tired of waiting and take matters into our hands. That’s when the trouble starts. When we can’t wait any longer and try to make things happen on our own. That’s when we find ourselves ending up with the second best, instead of God’s best.

Waiting is a part of lives. There will always be something we will wait for… a promotion, your own house, your life partner, healing, restoration of your marriage, and the list goes on and on. I believe God allows us to go through seasons of waiting so our dependence on Him will grow. But nevertheless, God assures us of His great plans for us and we just have to trust Him. When we wait on Him, He always makes the wait worth it!

Psalm 25:3 (New King James Version)
Indeed, let no one who waits on You be ashamed

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19 Replies to “WHAT IF I GET IMPATIENT?”

  1. this is a great post, ate jenn! also, waiting on God is Faith in Action….heard that from joyce meyer’s preaching 🙂

  2. That’s such a blog Jenn! It spoke so much to me. Now I’m reminded to wait. With God’s help. Ang kulit ko kasi Kay God lately on his plan for me about career? Business? And a husband? Ü

    1. ria, impatient na rin ako for your husband. haha… i am just confident that God has the best, best, best man for you!! praying for your breakthoughs in every area of your life!

  3. Thank you for sharing!:) Waiting upon the Lord is really a must.It is by His grace that we can actively wait upon His instructions and be faithful with the tasks/little things we have now. God bless your family! ^_^

  4. … wheew grabe i just visited this site, and Just God remind me again just wait, all i need is to wait. best thing are yet to come. now im excited n. strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord… thanks God bless

  5. its true…that if we did not wait on God’s time we’re not got the best…happens many times to me.thanks a lot.

  6. mainipin din ko lage, khit saan, ayoko nalalate, ayoko naghihintay at ayoko pinaghihintay din ako… my career life has failed many times because of my impatience, but then God always there to remind me, maybe in your article now, God allow me to read this to remind me again.. God is good, and I have to wait patiently for all my wants and needs.. Thanks and God Bless you more.

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