Most kids start learning to read by age 4. There is no need to pressure your toddler if you think he is completely uninterested. But if you want to give your child a headstart, then do it without exasperating him. You can make it fun and entertaining by using toys , online games and videos.

PhotobucketThere are so many videos out in the market that aim to help parents teach their preschoolers how to read. One video that I have found really helpful is Leap Frog’s Letter Factory. It teaches your child the letter sounds, which is the foundation for reading. I got my DVD when my 3rd child, Ryan, was 2 and he started reading simple words at 3. Now, Joaquin has been watching it and I have seen the same effectiveness on him. Unfortunately, I don’t think this DVD is already available here in the Philippines. But you can easily order through

Here is Joaquin practicing his letter sounds:

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