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by Nate Punzalan on Tuesday, February 22, 2011 at 11:50am

Here’s a short poem I made, in proper form: rhyme and meter. Haven’t done this in a while, so it may not be too good. I’m proud of it, though. 🙂


sunsetArise! The glowing haze;
Their colors turn behind.
My heart is in a daze;
My thoughts, undone, unwind.

A grain of sand in rake;
The agony of pride
A joy I seek to take.
I hold it all inside.

The gentle breeze in call,
The havoc wrought deceased,
It echoes through the hall:
The day, at last, is seized!

The velvet, ever shy,
Ascends to take its place.
The darkness in the sky
Brings forth an ending race.



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