Joaquin 2yrsI was asking Joaquin to stay in his highchair and he didn’t want to obey. I asked him “Who’s the boss? Mommy or Joaquin?” And he answered, “JOAQUIN BOSS!”

Don’t you just love kids at this age? I do! 2-year olds are so cute and funny! But they can also be challenging. Because of his growing independence, a 2-year old will start asserting himself and insisting on what he wants. This is the stage where he often says “NO” to his parents’ command. And if he doesn’t get what he wants, he normally resorts to yelling and temper tantrums. This is why I guess they call it the terrible two’s.

As terrible as it sounds, the good thing about this stage is that your toddler is very moldable. Your child is very eager and hungry to learn that’s why it is best to start laying the foundation of discipline in his life. Most parents think that their toddler is beyond their control and they cannot do anything but live through this terrible two stage. I’ve heard parents tell me “My child cannot understand anything I say” so they end up just tolerating his behavior. I think that is one big deception. Give your 2-year old an iPad and you will see how much he can understand.

The best thing you can teach your toddler at this stage is the concept of authority and boundaries. He is under your authority and he has to live within the boundaries you set for him. Your child needs an authority who will tell him and teach him how to go about his day. He needs you to tell him he can’t whine when he doesn’t get his way, he has to share his toys, he has to sit during mealtimes, etc. You need to stop his misbehavior. Your child is looking to you for guidance.

Your child will only be 2 once in his life. Let us look at this stage with a positive attitude and make the most out of this opportunity to train them.

“Do not withhold discipline from a child;
if you punish him with the rod, he will not die.”

Proverbs 23:13 (NIV)

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11 Replies to “TERRIBLE TWO?”

  1. wow ate jenn, i really like this post. hindi ko lang alam kung bakit, eh wala namang akong anak. hehe. joaquin looks grown up in his pics!

  2. I’m in my wonderful One season with my Travis. Terrible two coming up. Terrorist three next. It sure goes to show that no matter how cute our kids are, they are as sinful as their parents. 🙂

      1. mel, it’s hard to keep a straight face when they’re giving you that cute smile right? strategies? hmmm i’m not so sure i’ve learned to handle this coz i give in too easily. hehe. paolo gets upset with me when i give in. but i guess the best strategy is to be firm and not give in.

  3. Grabe, Jacoby is right smack into that “stage”. One thing I’m reminded of really is to persist and be consistent. At times like we feel like we’re starting to sound like a scratched CD and we feel like we’re not going through to them, we just need to press on and continue because eventually these stages will pass but the seeds we plant, will eventually bear fruit in time.

  4. Quick question though Jenn, is it always important to implement immediate obedience in everything? Like “go to the bathroom to shower…” eh the kid can’t say naman, let me just finish this particular block and I’ll go to the bathroom, they just IGNORE and end up disobeying or at least not obeying immediately. How can we teach the importance of immediate obedience if we end up being selective about it?

    1. jeremy, as you said, consistency is the key, especially at this age. when we are selective, and yes i admit i am too, our child will only get confused. since they don’t have the ability to judge yet the level of importance of going to the bathroom immediately vs not crossing the street, it is best to teach them to obey immediately all the time. does this make sense?

      what i do with joaquin is when it’s time to take a bath and he is in the middle of playing basketball, i tell him “ok Joaquin, just one more shot, then you need to shower ok?” as soon as he makes that one last shot, he knows he needs to go to the bathroom. if he doesn’t obey, then i discipline him.

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