Joaquin brushingWe all know how regular brushing is important to dental health. If only every toddler would understand this, it will not be so challenging to brush their teeth. Some toddlers insist that they brush on their own, which is not nearly enough to clean their teeth, or others just simply clench their mouth close. Children have the purest of smiles but it’s unfortunate that some of those smiles show teeth that have been destroyed by cavities.

Basically, if you have tried every game or gimmick you have read and heard of, and your toddler wont let you brush his teeth, you must hold him down and brush them regardless of protest. Brushing is not an option. It’s a must. But then again, if there is a better way, with less struggles, it’s gonna be easier for both of you.

Here are a few things that have helped me with my toddler Joaquin to make toothbrushing a not so difficult feat:

1. I put a lot of bath toys in the shower so while he is distracted playing, I brush away.
2. Every now and then, we would go shopping for cute toothbrushes. Recently, after our trip to Disneyland, he chose a Mickey Mouse toothbrush for himself.
3. When he is not being cooperative, I tell him “Let’s call Dora!” Then both of us shout a long “Doraaaaaa!” and while his mouth is open, I brush his molars. After that, I say “Time to call Barney!” and while he makes the “eee” sound, I brush his front teeth.

If you wanna share what you do with you toddler, I’d love to hear about them 🙂

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  1. wow! tnx for the tips! Me, i always tell my son every time i brush his front teeth, “smile, 1,2,3 click” that’s effective for me too. I will also try Dora & Barney :)) sounds fun! Really!

  2. i don’t know how it is with boys, but what worked for my niece was brushing WITH her . sometimes she chooses who pa nga, most times it’s her mom but when i still lived in Pasay she wanted to brush with me and say “nang” hehe.

    we would brush our teeth while she brushed hers and tell her to copy exactly what we are doing, so she often gets the up-down sideways correctly (then we finish it off just in case hehe)

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