Oh Time, Would You Please Slow Down?

Nathan getting ready to leave for the airport
Janina off to boot camp with her friends Justine, Niq and Julia.

As I write this, my 3 older kids are out of the house. Nathan just left for Macau for a mission trip, Janina is in Caliraya for the summer boot camp and Ryan is at his best friend, David’s house. (While Joaquin is in the room with me chanting Miska, Muska Mickey Mouse 🙂 )

This brings me back to the nights when our kids didn’t want to sleep in their own room, always wanting to be with us even at night. And even when they were already tucked in their beds, they would constantly find reasons to get up and come to our room, like being thirsty or getting an insect bite. But tonight, and the following nights, I will miss those disturbances.

Janina's Littlest Petshop Collection

Last Sunday, Janina gave away one of her most prized toy collections, The Littlest Petshop, to her cousin. How was it that she was able to give them up so easily? Haha It was me who was not ready to let go. I remember the countless trips we made to toy stores and how she would excitedly look over the rack of Littlest Petshop so she could pick out the right one to add to her collection. If only I had a house big enough to store all their toys and not give them away, I would.

I need to face it. My children are growing up. And with that thought, I firm up my resolve to set my priorities right and maximize the little time I have left with them.

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5 Replies to “Oh Time, Would You Please Slow Down?”

  1. Ate Jenn, time does pass by… however, it’s the memories that will never fade. nuh-uh! sweet memories never grow old neither tarnish. no need for reboot, no need for back-up right? you’ve done such lovely wonders on being a mother to all four kids. naiyak pa rin ako sa post mo… senti-senti… you rock! bongga ka in a major major way!!! 😉

  2. gosh ate jenn, and that’s after having FOUR kids, and joaquin’s still such a baby! pano na yan, gabe and i only have one! waaaah. and possibly a second, then that’s it. huhuhu. now palang, when raph moves up diaper sizes i already feel time moving so fast hahahaha (OA!)

    in other news, thanks again for the clothes! we’re in Baguio now, and he loves wearing the red cap and maroon jacket heehee. 😀

  3. Indeed, Jen. If only I could turn back time. Samm now lives on her on in Manhattan with a good stable job, Josh is in his senior year … and here we are, Tim and I, still taking the 11 hour drive to Michigan to see him settle for his summer term. Josh of course told us we didn’t have to do it, but … still hanging on to the last few years before he too declares full independence like Samm. It is bitter sweet … but what a joy to see them coming to their own in this world, loving and honoring God in their independence. You’re doing such a wonderful job with your children. I admire you. Had you gone ahead of me, I would certainly follow your steps – well may be now with my future apos nalang. Thank God for Ate Cynth, who prayed for my kids for many many years … and even now!

    1. tina, you’ve done a great job with your kids!! and really you and tim have managed to look so young!! how do you do it? 😀

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