Today, I want to honor 2 special men in my life.

First is my dad, who showed me what it means to love unconditionally. I knew that no matter what I did, he would always accept me and stand by me. I thank him especially for the legacy of faith that he left with us. In good times and in bad, he held on to God and I think that is the best thing a father could impart to his children. I wish that he was still alive. I would very much want my own kids to see for themselves how a great person he was. He was a very funny guy, I know he would always be making my children laugh!

The second person I want to honor is my husband, Paolo, the father of our four children. Honestly, and I am not just saying this because Paolo is my husband, but I have never really met anybody who has had more determination to become a great father than Paolo. Even before our first child was born, he did all he can to equip himself to be a good dad. He read books, he attended seminars and met with other dads! He has really embraced his role as father and has put his family on the top list of his priorities. As busy as he is with work, he makes it a point to be there for the kids- for their games, recitals, for wrestle fights on the bed, for ice cream take outs, for movie dates, for laugh trips, for serious talks and discipline… He imparts godly values to the kids by living them out.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads reading this!!

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