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    I got a text from a friend who just gave birth and was asking me for advice on sibling jealousy. This brings me back 12 years ago. I distinctly remember the scene at the hospital. I just gave birth to our second child, Janina, and Nathan came to visit her for the first time. I purposedly positioned Janina down on the bed so when Nathan came in the room, he would have access to me or to the baby, wherever he wanted to go to first. After giving me a tight hug, he immediately went on the hospital bed to take a closer look at his baby sister.  His face…

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    Paolo and I were seated separately at the wedding we attended yesterday because he was one of the principal sponsors. But while the Pastor was preaching his sermon, I got this text from him. Paolo is the sweetest husband!

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    There are many reasons why we love homeschooling. Over the next few weeks and months, I will be talking to you about each one of them. But today, let me tell you what’s on top of my list. Homeschooling allows us more time to address the issues of our children’s hearts. Some of our children’s behavioral problems go unnoticed and are not dealt with simply because we are not there. But since our kids are home most of the time, and we are intereacting most of the day, I am able to spot character flaws and bad attitudes and can deal with them right away. Arguing, whining, complaining, fighting between…

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    When Joaquin turned two, his yaya (nanny) had to leave because she was due to give birth in a few months. I was anxious about Joaquin adjusting to the new one I hired. True enough, I saw how Joaquin acted rudely towards her. When she would just start to approach him, he would shout “Go away!” And when she would be close enough, Joaquin would slap her on the face. Something that Joaquin never really did to any of us. What do you do in a situation like this? While it was completely wrong for Joaquin to shout and hit a person like that, I understood why he did it.…

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    I stood with Joaquin at the back of the wedding venue, waiting with him for his turn to walk down the aisle. Nervously I wondered if he would do exactly as we rehearsed. I didn’t want to end up having to walk down with him. I instructed two of our friends to take his photos and video because this was a special moment for us, if he did walk. The boy before him didn’t want to go, so he had to be carried by his dad. This made me more anxious. Joaquin might follow his example, oh no. When finally he was given the signal, I just told him softly…