Joaquin Bible BearerI stood with Joaquin at the back of the wedding venue, waiting with him for his turn to walk down the aisle. Nervously I wondered if he would do exactly as we rehearsed. I didn’t want to end up having to walk down with him. I instructed two of our friends to take his photos and video because this was a special moment for us, if he did walk. The boy before him didn’t want to go, so he had to be carried by his dad. This made me more anxious. Joaquin might follow his example, oh no. When finally he was given the signal, I just told him softly “Okay Joaquin, you may now walk.” And off he went. The first few steps were unsure, with him looking back at me as if asking for assurance that he was doing ok. I gave him a nod and a big smile and motioned for him to keep walking. I watched him move farther and farther from me and closer and closer to the finish line. Whew! Mission accomplished!

It was Joaquin’s first time to be a Bible Bearer in a wedding and he had no idea how to be one. I knew it would take preparation to make him fulfill his role successfully. I looked for videos of ring bearers on YouTube and made him watch them. We practiced many times at home and I would give him a treat everytime he did it properly. I promised him that he would get gummy bears as soon as he’s done walking down the aisle.

Preparation is key to a lot of our children’s successes. There are a lot of daily situations that are made easier and less stressful with some preparation. An example is whenever we go to a party, we prep our children in the car that there will be a lot of people who would know them and that they need to greet each one politely.  Or whenever we are in a play place, and we know it’s never easy for them to leave, we tell them ten minutes before it’s time to go that they only have ten minutes left and when we say it’s time to go, we expect them to obey right away.

Preparing our kids for the things they need to do sets them up for success. Let’s take the extra effort.

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  1. what a good reminder…sometimes we forget how big and new the world still is to kids, especially when it comes to things like dentist or doctor visits, or how to behave at parties or weddings! we should indeed make the effort to help them prep and not just expect them to act or react the way we want them to =p


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