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There are many reasons why we love homeschooling. Over the next few weeks and months, I will be talking to you about each one of them. But today, let me tell you what’s on top of my list.

Homeschooling allows us more time to address the issues of our children’s hearts.

Ryan's sorry note

Some of our children’s behavioral problems go unnoticed and are not dealt with simply because we are not there. But since our kids are home most of the time, and we are intereacting most of the day, I am able to spot character flaws and bad attitudes and can deal with them right away.

Arguing, whining, complaining, fighting between siblings, sarcasm, temper tantrums, laziness, impatience, lack of respect for parents… these are only the external behavior that indicate what is inside their hearts. These behaviors are only the fruit of heart issues like selfishness, pride, ungratefulness. If Ryan gives me a snide remark during class, I have no problem dropping my curriculum so I can deal with his sarcasm.  I am on the lookout for moments like these, when I can go beyond math and science, and address their heart.

It is never easy when I’d have to deal with my children’s wrong attitudes. It can be physically tiring and emotionally draining. And when it gets messy, those are the times I start questioning our decision to homeschool. Thoughts like “My life would be so much easier if they were in a regular school” enter my mind. But when I get back to my senses, I realize that this is precisely why we chose to homeschool – so we can have an upperhand on developing their character.

To educate our children means to form their minds and shape their hearts. Too often we get caught up with the academic side of it. To me that is the easier part. Whether our children are in homeschool or regular school, we as parents, with God’s grace and wisdom, need to work hard at shaping their hearts.



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